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Women’s Services: Services

*Prices shown are for touch-ups. If you are a New Client, or have a question about services please fill out an online consult for a price quote.


$65 -105

Growing it out? Maintaining a look? Up for a change?
I get it. Your style changes and needs different things at different times and Flux is THE place to visit for all your hair care needs. A consultation is part of the experience and we talk about your features, lifestyle, and what daily hair maintenance requirements work for you. Then, I create a custom look just for you that gives you The Look you want that works for your routine and time.
Prices include blow-out.


$45 - $60

When you need a little boost to your confidence or have a special presentation to give, come visit me for a fresh blow-out and style. You’ll be glad you did!



Flux Salon Loft used Redken color. These rich, full saturation tints and dyes contain NO ammonia or PPD, providing exceptional grey coverage. I provide each client with an analysis that examines skin tone, underlying and residual pigment, and personal maintenance preferences in order to create your desired effect with hair color that suits your individual needs and style. Pricing varies with your needs, such as root touch-ups vs. whole head applications.


$120 - $210

One of my specialties at Flux Salon, I understand how various techniques should be used to create the desired effect you want to create. From face-framing highlights to overall highlighting to add overall brightening to your look, I understand how to use highlights to accentuate your best features and give you a stunning look that is uniquely yours. Toner and/or glaze is included.


$175 - $215

Balayage is a French word for “sweeping” and in the salon it refers to a specific highlighting technique. Strands of your hair are hand painted, which results in a softer, more natural look that lasts longer than foil highlights due to the application process.


$150 per hour

Correction service, consultation required for estimate. 



Flux Salon uses glazes and toners that are ammonia free, and deposit color only. Typically, these products are used to bring life back to faded color or tone down brassiness in lightened hair.



Science in a bottle, Olaplex restores integrity, strength, and overall health to your hair. Carefully formulated to build up and protect the hair follicle, Flux Salon uses this with color applications to repair the hair shaft during the process OR to salvage damaged hair rather than taking an extreme approach such as cutting hair short to remove the damage.



The Flux Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment that seals the hair cuticle and locks in moisture. In addition to smoothing frizz, the DC Treatment can fill in damaged areas of the hair shaft and lock in color for lasting vibrance and shine.



Remove dead, dry skin/flakes, and build-up from the scalp.



Hair Extensions can be used to add volume, a pop of color, or add length to your hair. Because we use human hair, there is a consultation appointment so that I can match color and texture based on your specific objectives and aesthetic you want to create. Your extensions are ordered, and we set an appointment to apply them, usually a week later. Extensions are available in tape-in and keratin fusion applications.

NOTE: This done not include the cost of the hair, hair cost is $300-550



You can reuse your extensions! Bring them in to the Loft at Flux and they will be washed, toned, oiled, and have new adhesive tape put on them so they are ready for the next use.

Flux is a full-service salon for men and women. If you do not see a particular hair service listed, please send an email or use our friendly chat feature online to let us know what you need!



Haven an event? Fun night out to on-side weddings and trail, we have you covered. 



Wedding and event make-up. Trail and on-site offered

Kids Birthday Party 

On-site hair and make up, great for sleep over parties. Package pricing varies on services and number of guests. Flexible custom packages and consulting! Email:

We offer all this and more. Give us a call today to find out the many other ways we can bring out your beauty.

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